It goes without saying that the doctor’s profession is considered the most prestigious, noble and respected in whole universe. Not only by the worthiness of it’s name but moreover choosing it as a career gives a sense of responsibility and feeling of serving humanity in the time of need.

Being a doctor is an uphill task as it requires lots of hard work , energy , stimina and becoming a doctor is a dream of the most people throughout the world. No doubt ,it is considered one of the toughest profession in terms of study, duration, dedication and terminology. Every parents want their children to choose this field and make them proud. It is a doctor who treat the patients irrespective of their religions sects, genders, colors and nationalities.

However, it is the very beautiful side of the picture while the other side of it looks very dark and alarming. As committing suicide amongst the doctors seems to be on the rise where cases of suicide taking place frequently in the country. The pity is that, doctors attempting and completing suicide more than the general population in which females doctors are more vulnerable.

A research conducted by Deepika Tanveer, MD, of psychiatric programme at Harlem Hospital center n New Yark on May 8,2018 said one doctor commits suicide in US every day which is the highest rate in any profession. And the number of doctors suicide 28 to 40 per 100000 is more than twice that of general population.

The country we live is with 97% being Muslims and Islam highly condemned the act of suicide and is Haraam(Forbidden).There are numerous Verses in the Holy Quran against suicide. In surat Yunus Verse 56,”He gives life and causes death and to Him you will be returned, in surat An -Nisa Verse 29”And do not kill yourself(or one another).Indeed Allah is to you ever merciful”. Surat Baqra (2:195) Do not kill yourself with your hand. While more such Quranic verses and Haddits are present. Moreover, in the constitution of Pakistan, it’s is considered illegal also punishable with a jail and financial plenty too.

The “World suicide prevention day” is observed every year on 10th September. The purpose of it is to bring mass awareness and finding ways to culminate the menace. In Pakistan, such cases are under reported and no data available to this date.

Here, the burning question arises is that despite it is being Haraam (Forbidden) and coward act, still the rate is on the rise day by day. Finding the compulsions behind and holding someone responsible for it is the hour of the need in order to help decreasing it’s rate in the country.

Putting parents in the list of responsible looks quite justifiable as majority of parents wants their children to be part of this profession regardless to consider what their children carry aptitude for and gives up at the end. The medical field is one of the hardest field of academia. A student has to swim in the ocean of hundreds of exams before graduation and post graduation. Studying day and night, avoiding social circles is not a child’s play, that kind of environmental makes one liable to take such steps.

Many students in my class who were in severe depression and few attempted suicide as well. Unfortunately, a 4th year student from my college committed suicide who was observed in always stressed condition taking his study and pressure of academics and parents that put fuel on the fire and he gave up.

Pressure from the home side is a well-known fact, but this is continued at work place to boot. Majority of the seniors behavior towards their juniors seems to be very humiliating. To make the matter worst, most of the time a doctor has to spend time in this stressful environment which itself is a huge risk factor in the way of attempting suicide. Another issue in our setup is that we almost get no reward of our services as our salaries speaks itself. Chief justice of Pakistan recently started that even his driver salary is more than a doctor which is a food for thought for every one.

The nobility of the profession is unquestionable that demand respect for the doctors.


Turbat, October 19.