LAHORE - Twitterati in daylong tweets on Wednesday showed full backing to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the State institutions against the elements who are in favour of agitation after the Supreme Court’s Wednesday verdict. 

Immediately after Prime Minister Imran khan’s brief address to the nation in the evening, hashtag #PMIKAddress became top trend.

In his address, PM Imran Khan said, “for the sake of the country, I am appealing to all of you that do not let them influence you. They are doing no service to Islam. They are simply trying to fuel their own politics”.

Usman Ahmad Nadeem @UsmanAhmadCh1 said “Only Imran Khan has the guts to come out and address the nation on such a sensitive issue.”

One twitter user @BefourMaryam tweeted “Straight to the point. No beating around the bush. He made it absolutely clear that he will not tolerate any protests that will harm the people, their properties or the system. Well done Prime Minister. Proud of you! Good job”.

Pakistan People’s Party Senator Sherry Rehman tweeted “Landmark judgment by Supreme Court to acquit Aasia Bibi. False accusers took half her life away. Now the State must protect all those who stand for the rule of law and justice. We have all been witness to the havoc mobs have wreaked to red lines before. That line must be held”.

Awami Workers Party spokesman Farooq Tariq tweeted “Most courageous decision by top judges in favour of most exploited. AWP welcomes decision of SC.”

Syed Yaman @syedyaman222 tweeted “A nation is hopeful when its PM stands with the people and vows to take strict action against those inciting violence.”

Twitter users even urged to bring peace and harmony using social media. Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi  was of the view “Must request activists, parties to not manipulate the situation that Pakistan is facing tonight for political scores. This is when we ought to stand united against the forces of darkness”.

“A big man occupying a big office. Pakistan is proud of you Prime Minister Imran Khan. 'Riyasat se mat takrana,” tweeted by @BhittaniKhannnn twitter handle.

@AfshanMasab "It is worth mentioning that it is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that we are governed by a written Constitution and Statutory Laws."

Sannia Rehman @SanniaRehman tweeted “SC ends judgment with these beautiful lines the Hadith of our HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) Beware! Whoever is cruel on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear,or takes anything from them against their free will; I (HOLY PROPHET)(PBUH) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment (Abu Dawud)”

Another trend #WeStandWithKhan became in top five trend after the speech delivered by Imran Khan.

@iWardahYasin tweeted “Very Impressive Speech by Imran Khan #WeStandWithKhan”. 

Federal Ministry for Human Rights Shireen Mazari through her verified twitter account @ShireenMazari1 tweeted after PM Imran Khan’s speech, “We must respect Rule of Law, the Constitution and the SC. PM takes a strong clear stance on those threatening State institutions and defying rule of law”.

Rights activist M Jibran Nasir @MJibranNasir said “Well done Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI. In the midst of this clamor and violence country needs a strong leadership which exhibits clarity and would not allow Writ of State to be challenged. We shouldn’t concede space to bigots and those violating laws must pay for their crimes”.

Some users gave a clear and cut message on twitter without going into any ambiguity about who they were supporting in the time of crises in country.  Twitter user Dr. Aliya Kareem on her twitter handle @DrAliya7 said “I stand with my Army With our Supreme Court and our Dearest Kaptaan #WeStandWithKhan. Pakistan Zindabad.

Twitter user Asrar Ahmed @asrarahmed969 posted video of burning of a qingqi rickshaw from an unspecified location in Pakistan “Protest is a right but no right to burn public assets”.

Jamaat-e-Islami twitter account @JIPOfficial tweeted “Protest call on November 2nd” with an image describing the reasons for the protest. JI is going to protest against acquittal of Asia bibi. The same twitter account gave 12 hours warning to cable operators to give coverage to protests of religious parties that are protesting against the SC verdict.