MULTAN      -    Regional Police Officer (RPO) Multan Waseem Ahmad Khan disclosed on Thursday community rooms have been set up at all police stations across Multan region to resolve petty issues in their initial stages and prevent people from going to courts.

Talking to the media here, the RPO further disclosed that the community rooms have been set up at 79 police stations of the region and committees, comprising notables of the area, members of civil society and concerned police officials have been constituted. He hoped that the decisions made at these community rooms would gain public’s trust and offer justice to the people at their threshold. He hoped that the community rooms would help prevent people from going to courts which would save precious resources of the state.

He said that the community rooms would help discourage trends like filing cases on petty issues and majority of the issues would be settled at police station level in presence of both the parties. He added that the community rooms would also help save precious time of police besides getting the people rid of baseless cases and blackmailing. He pointed out that the community policing increased the outreach of police to streets and increased masses trust level on police.

Meanwhile, the RPO issued order for launching of action against the relatives of an old woman who approached him at his office and told him that her relatives defrauded her.

The RPO came out of his office and received the old lady when he came to know about her. The old woman namely Karim Bibi, resident of Makhdoom Rasheed, told the RPO that her relatives snatched all of her belongings and refused to give back anything. The RPO directed District Police to resolve the issue forthwith and report to him as soon as possible.

Talking on the occasion, the RPO said that police stand by the oppressed and the oppressors would be dealt with iron hand. He said that the policy of turning police stations into welfare centres instead of the places of terror for the people was being implemented in Multan region. He added that actions were being taken on complaints of the oppressed to lift the image of police. He said that the crime rate also plunged due to implementation of this policy. Later on, the RPO sent back the old lady on his own car.