The 1965 war between the two countries was started on Sept 6, 1965 and continued for seventeen days. Pakistani army fought bravely and did Pakistan’s defense. Whereupon, both countries had to suffer big losses. Till 1971 relationships of the two country were worsening.

However, in 1972 Pakistan’s Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had a series of meeting with Indian PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi at Simla in India. Under an agreement— Simla Pact—India agreed to release more than 90 thousands Pakistani prisoners. Shortly, from 1990 Pakistan’s and India relations never became balance completely because of India rudeness. India has always disliked the Islamic ideology of Pakistan and as well Muslims. The fact of Indian brutality in Kashmir is the religion.

Up-to-date, the longest such curfew of the world is implemented in Jammu & Kashmir. Albeit, Muslims are in trouble for praying in outsides mosques. Internet is closed, schools are off, and in short in Kashmir surrounding insecureness is seen.

Erstwhile, disregarding Article 370 India brought influx military in the Jammu & Kashmir. Hundreds of residents has been arrested who raised their voices against Indian government brutality.

The special autonomy to Jammu & Kashmir was given by Pandit Nehru who in 1954 retained the special status for Jammu & Kashmir in Indian Parliament and Article 370 and 35-A were inserted which gave Jammu & Kashmir a special status. Now BJP warmonger Narindar Modhi is planning to revoke Jammu & Kashmir particular autonomy. It obviously indicate India’s animosity with Muslims. Since Indian military is treating Kashmiris Muslims horrendously.

Despite several struggles of Pakistan from 1947 to implement peace in the region, India never liked this ideology of peace implementation. The de facto of Indian brutality is of course the animosity with a powerful Islamic country.