HAFIZABAD         -   Unbridled population growth in the country is a great hurdle in the economic uplift of the country, said Dr Sania Sunbal incharge Family Health Mobile Unit.

Addressing a seminar on population growth in a local college, she expressed her grave concern over the uncontrolled population growth in the country which would prove negative effect on the development of the country. She said if the same rate of population growth continued it would badly affect the social and economic conditions in the country. She further said that so many problems in the country were due to ill-planning.

She said that progress and development of developed countries were due to better planning to control family planning. She stressed the need for learning lesson from the developed countries to control the present growth of population. However, the population welfare department has launched a practical movement to motivate the public to control population for the social and economic development in the country as well as to provide better health conditions for the mothers and children, she added. She further said that a couple can play vital role to control the present rate of population growth in the country.


Vehicular traffic on Sargodha-Hafizabad road remained disrupted for several hours this morning as the gatemen of railway has closed the railway gate in protest for none payment of their salary for the past four months. After four hours the police rushed to-the-spot arrested two gatemen and opened the railway gate.


The Pindi Bhattian police have arrested Malik Sajid Mahmood, son of Abdul Qayyum and Touqeer on the charge of allegedly reporting a false and fabricated case of dacoity to the police.

According to police, the accused have made a call to the police helpline that the dacoits have snatched away Rs. 4,700,000 from them. The SHO Pindi Bhattian rushed to-the-spot and during interrogations of the accused, it was proved that the call made by them regarding dacoity was concocted. A case has been registered against the accused accordingly.