ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul on Thursday refuted the claim that Lahore was among the top most polluted cities of the world. She in her video message shared on her twitter said Google maps clearly indicate that total air pollution existing in the region comprised 80 percent area of India and only 20 percent of the pollution is indicated in Pakistan’s territory.

She also claimed that several vehicles as part of political rallies entering in Lahore are one of the reasons of pollution in the provincial capital. She said “deliberately misinformation is being spread about Lahore air quality. It is as bad as being asserted by vested elements.”

She said the Ministry of Climate Change has taken all steps to prevent smog in Punjab, especially in Lahore through close coordination with the provincial environmental departments. She said Punjab EPD has sealed 155 furnaces or industrial units emitting dark hazardous smoke and overall 261 such units have been shut down across the province to curb serious air pollution. Gul urged the public to consult calibrated and authentic data of Pakistan SUPARCO and EPD Punjab air quality data of Lahore shared through its Wagha Border air monitoring system.

 She said the winter season is about to start where crop stubble burning would be carried out in the agrarian areas. She advised the farmers to avoid burning stubble as it would directly contribute to generate smog in the province.