As we are aware, Pakistan is also in the midst of the global pandemic COVID-19 since February’20. The government and educational ministry did not take the risk to jeopardize the lives of students and schools were shut down immediately after the outbreak. In consequence to the shutdown, many teachers and other professionals lost their jobs leading to a drastic decline of the overall economy.

Now the schools are opting to re-open, maintaining the fact that the school premises and the equipment around remain purely germ-free, retaining high levels of hygiene. The school management and regulations have been averted by the government and education ministry that their safety measures have to last long and remain sustained for a sanitized environment for the children. Still, academia has confronted huge damage this year. Parents in the present time are still not agreed on the decision to sent their children back to school yet and the school management is putting in best efforts to cope up with the catastrophic situation.