ISLAMABAD   -  She has launched her hotly-anticipated X-rated sixth studio album, Positions. And one track in particular has caught the attention of Ariana Grande’s fans, especially after they worked out the meaning behind its title, 34+35. The pop star, 27, who dropped her new album, shared a lyric video for the raunchy track and her followers’ jaws dropped after listening. Countless numbers of Ariana’s shocked fans took to Twitter following the song’s release to share their opinion after it dropped. Addressing the title of the song in the intro, she sings: ‘Means I wanna ’69′ with you / No sh-t / Math class / Never was good.’ Fans took to Twitter in their droves, sharing a selection of memes to represent their reactions after realizing the meaning behind the shock. One social media user shared a bemused picture of Shrek, alongside the caption: ‘Me after seeing the lyrics of 34+35.’