LAHORE - Responding to Hamza Shehbaz’s alleged refusal to go to court in an armoured vehicle, Provincial Minister for Information Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said that this attitude faced on Faroniat and Namrodiat is highly condemnable. 

He said that Hamza Shehbaz in his desire to travel in luxury car or a charter plane may have forgotten that he is not going to Shalamar Bagh or on his birthday but going to the court as a certified accused who is convicted of corruption of trillions of dollars and money laundering.

He further stated that attitude of Hamza Shehbaz has not changed yet. He said that Hamza Shehbaz is seeing VVIP accountability for the last two years. “Now, he will enjoy accountability like a common criminal,” the minister claimed. 

While commenting about the split in Sharif family, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said families of Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif were divided into two parts. People of Shehbaz Sharif family left visiting Jati Ummrah for the last so many months. He said that maternal uncle of Begam Safdar Awan, Nawaz Sharif, and Abbas Sharif is united against Shehbaz Sharif family. He said that according to his information Begam Safdar Awan will meet Shehbaz Sharif in jail in a day or two but outcome of this meeting will be nothing.