ISLAMABAD    -   With the start of cold season and amid Covid-19 precautions, demand for ‘traditional winter delights’ including samosa, jalaibee, chicken corn soup, kehwa, Kashmiri tea, fried fish, halwas and coffee has increased in capital.

A number of stalls carrying these delights at various markets including Melody Market, Karachi Company, Jinnah Super Market, Super Market, Aabpara Market and F-10 Markaz are attracting customers.

Various shopkeepers claimed that winter is best for us because due to the drop in mercury especially at night, our sales rises manifold, adding that the corner soup and coffee sellers seem to do more good business during winter items sale that are fancied by all and sundry.

A fish seller in a Melody shop talking to APP news said, “Fish is the most selling item of winter season which helps reduce the impact of a cold wave on health by keeping us warm.”

Another shopkeeper at a famous chicken corn shop at G-7 street said, winter is the perfect time to earn handsome amount through selling chicken corn soup which is our trademark.

He said most of the customers are youngsters especially students living in hostels who roam around the place with their friends in the evening time and visit us to enjoy the soup with the start of every winter season.

An owner of famous shop at Trial 5 said having hot pakoras with tea is the best enjoyment for customers in winter.

The owner of restaurants also said they were getting online orders for special Thai and Chinese soup and the demand is gradually rising.