KARACHI - Personnel each from Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and Gadap Police Station detained on Saturday by the police for alleged involvement in smuggling activities.

On intelligence information to the Customs department, the anti-smuggling force headed out on a bid to intersect smuggling reportedly taking place near Northern Bypass, but were allegedly impeded by police personnel.

One of the personnel to harass the customs officials was a CTD official while the other was the duty officer at Gadap Town Police Station who, together, allegedly aided and abetted the smuggling customs had set out to capture.

The alleged personnel not only harassed customs and impeded their bid, but also got the vehicle wherein the smuggling was taking place, freed from their custody.

According to the available information, both police personnel with their accomplices have now been detained by the police in the case of aiding and abetting smuggling and hindering state officials in curbing criminal activity.