The EASA in its communication dated July 7, 2020, recommended to all its affiliated civil aviation regulatory agencies based in Europe that “all aviation authorities of the 32 EASA Member States to consider the suspension of validations issued against Pakistanis licenses”. It has now issued a warning to CAA Pakistan to cease issuing any licences unless and until it explains the issue by 29 September 2020. This will serve as the death knell of our civil aviation industry and all efforts by the likes of Rafique Saigol and Nur Khan will come to an end.

Unfortunately, both PIA and CAA teams after several meetings with the European Aviation Safety Agency in 2019, and after agreeing to implement the six-point mandatory requirements, failed to do so. This has resulted in the loss of all their credibility. Perhaps lack of experience and no awareness of the international regulations to which scheduled airlines like PIA are subjected to has resulted in failure to recommend in letter and spirit whatever was agreed by them. 

As if this by itself was not enough, the unsubstantiated statement by the Aviation Minister about so-called fake licences served as the “last straw that broke the camel’s back”. This has resulted in the loss of credibility of the CAA as the regulator to perform its regulatory function conforming to ICAO standards, especially relating to the Safety Management System.

The Federal Government must understand the gravity of the situation by making changes at the top level of both CAA and PIA to restore credibility and send a message to EASA and others that international safety standards will be strictly followed and in the future, the system of licenses issued and conduct of examinations will be transparent without any exception.


Muree Hills.