PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan inaugurated two mega developmental schemes including Sha­mezai Irrigation Schemes and Sui Gas Supply to Matta and Khawza Khe­la area in Swat yesterday. 

The Shamezai Irriga­tion Scheme with 21 kilometers long canal having its source at river Swat has been complet­ed with a total cost of Rs 907 million.

The irrigation schemes will irrigate about 5000 acres of land of Bagh Dheri, Sambar, Ashari, Khararai and other vil­lages. Sui Gas Supply Schemes to Matta and Khawza Khela areas will be completed by June next year with an esti­mated cost of Rs 2 bil­lion, and on completion it would benefit around 100,000 households of the area. 

Federal Minister for Communication, Murad Saeed, Provincial Minis­ter for agriculture, Mu­hibullah Khan and Chair­man DDAC Swat also accompanied the Chief Minister during his one-day visit to Swat. 

Earlier, in his address to a public gathering at Mat­ta Swat, the Chief Minister while bashing the alliance of opposition parties, Pa­kistan Democratic Alli­ance (PDM), for its un­justified move against the government, said that these political parties, turn by turn have ruled this country for almost seven decades but they did nothing for the coun­try except plundering the national exchequer.

These parties have come together just to protect their ill-gotten money as Prime Minis­ter Imran Khan has come very hard on them with regard to their corrup­tion, he said.

“These corrupt politi­cal elements are trying to defame national insti­tutions just for their po­litical and personal mo­tives”, Mahmood Khan lamented and added that every individual of this nation stands by his armed forces and no one would be allowed to de­fame the national insti­tutions.

Touching upon the achievements of his gov­ernment, the Chief Minis­ter remarked that during the last two years the in­cumbent provincial gov­ernment had achieved great success adding that when the provincial gov­ernment came into pow­er, it had to face the hercu­lean task of former FATA merger, and in a short span of just two years all the process of merger has been completed.

He said that mega projects like Bus Rap­id Transit, Swat Motor­way Phase-1, Rashakai Economic Zone and oth­ers have been completed successfully and a num­ber of new mega devel­opment schemes were going to be launched in the province including Peshawar-D.I Khan Mo­torway, Chashma Right Bank Canal Project, Khy­ber Pass Economic Cor­ridor, Swat Motorway Phase-2, Dir Express Way, Shangla Express way and the like.