LAHORE - Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat said on Saturday that Rana Sanaullah’s claim regarding IG Prisons Punjab was completely baseless. The IG Prisons had not been called by any government official nor had he been given any instructions regarding Hamza Shehbaz. Basharat said that whether it was Hamza Shehbaz or anyone else, all are equal before the law. He said that the present government believed in the independence of national institutions and at present all national institutions were independent and sovereign. He said that PML-N had made a habit of defaming national institutions. “They want to cover up their corruption with such tactics and want to put pressure on all national institutions under a well thought out plan aimed at saving their corrupt leadership but no conspiracy, no effort will succeed,” he added. Basharat advised Rana Sanaullah to confront the law with his leaders instead of making the institutions controversial.