ISLAMABAD   -   Talent of Pakistani youth re­ceived high appreciation at the award-giving ceremony of the third Silk Road competition held in Beijing, Gwadar Pro re­ported yesterday. 

A total of 20 Pakistani youth took part in the competition, and seven of them won prizes. 

They have spent almost three years in China and during this time, he achieved things which they wouldn’t have achieved anywhere in the world, two of the winners told Gwadar Pro.

China has given him oppor­tunities and support more than their expectations.

Danish, one of the winners, gave a speech at the competi­tion on the theme of ‘The most important thing we have is health’ and got the first prize. 

He appreciated China for giv­ing him an international are­na to express his idea. He said that, “I have seen thousands of Pakistani students study­ing in China who got scholar­ships to study various degree programs. 

Maaz Ali Nadeem, who won the Most Popular Award in Pho­tography Contest, said, “wher­ever I performed in China, I was warmly appreciated, which boosted my confidence to stand strong and firm on big stages and events.”

“Youth cultural communica­tion will develop a deeper un­derstanding of the two cultures, namely Pakistani and Chinese