Traffic signals are usually installed in busy squares where the flow of traffic is at peak during some hours of the day or night. The signals help move traffic in a safe and smooth way. The other way to maintain a free flow of traffic is to construct a roundabout. At the Chaklala Garrison in Rawalpindi, they only had a roundabout before the Commander Ten Corpse, General Tahir Mahmood, ordered installation of a traffic signal as well. He, then, named the roundabout 'the Ammar Chowk'. This is probably the only roundabout in the world which also has a traffic signal installed on it. Since the installation of this traffic signal, long queues of vehicles are witnessed here at the time of the signal turning red, often causing the flow of traffic to dwindle to zero. I don't know why the idea struck the General but if he had seen the accidents that took place here or even taken the trouble to cross the road himself, he would have understood that installation of a signal was not the solution. The solution is to make two or three speed-breakers here. Through this letter, I request the General to reconsider his decision. -NABEEL ANWAR, City Traffic Police, Rawalpindi, September 29.