This is with reference to the interview General (Rtd) Musharraf gave to the ABC News which was also reproduced by the local press. The beauty of such interviews is in their reproduction in verbatim as the interviewee is trapped by the interviewer through loaded questions at appropriate junctures to give self-contradictory answers. The hapless interviewee is never allowed to see that he is being trapped into contradicting his previous answers. The victim is exposed as the interview goes on air or is published the next day, word by word. My reaction to the above-mentioned interview is that we need to amend our constitution to bar the retired men for some period, say a couple of years, from speaking on the country's politics. Barring them from taking part in politics for two years is, apparently, not enough as they keep playing politics by simply opening their mouths. The ex-President has done great damage to the country with his comments. Last, but not the least, the General who made such a mess of the war in Kargil, should not be advising the Americans on the war in Afghanistan. -MIR TABASSUM MAIRAJ, Islamabad, September 27.