I have been a great admirer of the CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif and have great faith in his integrity and hard work. However, his choice of retired civil bureaucrats to head various task forces leaves much to be desired. These men beyond the age of superannuation, who are responsible for much of the problems Pakistan faces today, are dead wood and have nothing to offer. Had these men any integrity or moral courage to deliver, they would have made a difference in their capacities as federal secretaries of various ministries or in other assignments they held during their tenures in service. During the 9 years of Musharraf's misrule, the civil servants ruled by diktat. They are responsible for the deterioration of law and order, massive corruption and poor governance that have driven Pakistan to the edge of disaster. They lacked initiative, drive and integrity when they were in service. Now that they are retired, these jacks of all trades that are master in none, lack the capability for public service. I hope the CM Punjab re-evaluates his decision and puts on the head of these task forces the sort of men that are in touch with people, preferably young men who have never been part of a bureaucracy anywhere. -ABRAR. H, Faisalabad, September 28.