The University of Balochistan is the solitary public university in the province providing education in about 35 different subjects. The university has been subject to unjustified closure for more than two months now owing to augmentation of the ongoing insurgency in the province. Some say the rumours surrounding the probable change in administration of the province is the actual cause of closure of this HEC-recognised university. There is then the issue of the precious lost time of the students of this poverty-stricken land. It would, undoubtedly, increase the sense of frustration among youths of the province. The university, when open, provides education on annual as well as semester basis for professional degrees including the prestigious MBA and MCS. These two disciplines, though, are the worst effected at present as students of the two-year MBA degree are still stuck even after more than three years. Even more shocking is the very realistic prospect of total closure of the university as more than 27 qualified professors have left Balochistan in the last two years and some ten non-local professors have been murdered. The administration has announced a date of opening the university but that is just at the time when the fires of rebellion in Balochistan have raged to be a violent revolution of sorts. -ABID KAKAR, Quetta, September 29.