It deeply upsets me to see our country's hero, Dr. A.Q. Khan being portrayed in the negative with people working for him being frequently referred to as 'a gang of proliferaters'. Sometimes, we tend to forget even favours as huge as he has done to us. Dr. Khan it was who saved our nation and if we still call ourselves independent and proudly celebrate the Defence Day every year, it is only because of him and his team. He was the one who not only courageously pioneered our nation's atomic programme but also brought it to completion to elevate Pakistan to a position in the world that only a few countries can boast of. This accomplishment was a massive help for our country's security, curbing the imminent threat it faced form India. We can easily say that were it not for this achievement of his, Pakistan might already have been crushed by the then nuclear power of the region, India. We need to think before labeling our country's saviours 'a gang of proliferaters'. -ANAM MUSTAFA, Karachi, September 29.