NOT for the first time, the US, through its ambassador, and the Pakistan military have differing perspectives. While the COAS, General Kayani has categorically ruled out US strikes in Balochistan, the US Ambassador has had the temerity to hold forth on what are internal matters of Pakistan and hint at possible US action in Balochistan. It is interesting to note the confusion that prevails in Patterson's imperialist mind. On the one hand, she admits that the US has little solid intelligence on Quetta, with no human or predator intelligence. Yet, on the other, the US is convinced that Quetta is the stronghold of Mullah Omar and his Taliban - the so-called "Quetta Shura". Now where did they get such strong and authentic intelligence on this count, given their own admission? After all, the Pakistan military spokesperson, Maj-General Abbas has declared that there are no Taliban in Quetta and the military's intelligence would surely be more viable. But the US, it would seem, prefers to doubt the Pakistan army - such is the level of mistrust between the Pakistan military and its supposed ally, the US. Instead, the US believes its ill-informed media and some Pakistani commentators whose livelihood depends on saying and writing what the US wants to hear - statements that state the Taliban are in Quetta and are getting their logistical supplies and weapons from there, regardless of the veracity of such a claim. What makes matters worse is the strange silence of Pakistan's political government and leadership. Although the prevailing situation demands they support the military's claims and insist there can be no US attacks on Quetta, they have chosen instead to maintain a silence that speaks volumes about covert deals and dubious intents. That is unfortunate for Pakistan because after the latest statements coming from Ambassador Patterson, it does not serve Pakistan's interests to have her remain in Islamabad. She has declared openly that Pakistan had made clear that its priorities were different from those of the Americans. She has also asserted that "there are people who do not threaten Pakistan but who are extremely important to us." Not only has she chosen to publicly challenge whether Pakistan really controls its territory - that, according to her, being a worry for the US - she has cast aspersions on the Pakistani leadership and nation as well. As she declared imperially, "You cannot tolerate vipers in your bosom without getting bitten." It is time the Pakistani authorities understood clearly who the viper in our bosom is who keeps biting us at every turn. And this viper needs to be thrown out of Pakistan - according to diplomatic procedures of course - which would be the clearest message we could send to the US that there are certain red lines no diplomat or foreign government representative can cross.