Within a very short span of time, the present democratically elected government has done many a 'miracle'. The President has achieved the distinction of making countless trips abroad and has even surrendered, as per promise, all the powers he had to his Prime Minister. He has also taken steps to sue the ex-President, effectively forcing him to bring back all the stolen wealth. Meanwhile, he has himself been paying the taxes on his own wealth as honestly as you would expect. Thus, the canal that runs through Lahore, the one that only had bhal and dirty water in it, now overflows with milk and honey. Crime has been eliminated totally and the lion and goat are often seen supping together at the clean water in the river Ravi. Our beloved Prime Minister has an acute case of austerity. He shuns all things expensive, be they foreign three-piece suits of designer variety, or imported shoes, ties and perfumes. Even his shades are the cheap plastic ones you buy from Lohari Gate. Being an awami leader, you wouldn't ever catch him dead in a bulletproof car. Neither do any of his ministers use the cars of bulletproof kind. That is why a philanthropist bought all the bulletproof limousines of government at 76 per cent discount. The money will go to the national exchequer so that our wazir-e-khazana could bewilder IMF and World Bank by returning all our loans this spring. One little problem with the country, though; none of the PPP ministers are appearing anymore on talk shows of the private TV channels. No wonder there is neither any amusement for the public nor any entertainment. -NUR AL-HUDA KAZILBASH, Jhang, September 28.