It is an excellent habit of ones being punctual to ones place of work or to a place where one is invited in a ceremony. It really shows how responsible and disciplined one is towards one's professional assignments and commitments. Unfortunately, we, as a nation, have become habitual of coming late everywhere. We are regular latecomers at places of our work. In ceremonies, we do not follow the given time by the hosts in the invitation card and arrive very late. So much so, the hosts of these ceremonies also do not observe their given time to their guests and arrive late. Our politicians and dignitaries feel pride in reaching late everywhere. In other words, arriving late everywhere has become a favourite pastime for most of us where we really feel that by doing so we would be honored and rated highly. We all must keep one thing in mind that by not following the scheduled times in our offices or some other places, we actually are taking our lives to a great indiscipline where we will lose more than achieving any gain. One of the secrets of the citizens of the developed countries of the world is that they remain punctual in all their public and private affairs. Unlike us, they dont feel pride in coming late. Rather those who follow that practice are seen as non-serious and irregular in their lives. We, as a nation, have to be punctual in all our assigned duties/responsibilities. This would be the only secret of our success both in our individual and collective efforts. Ours such habit will automatically create in our lives the virtues of discipline, responsibility and regularity which will ultimately help in transforming our energies for achieving some bigger and noble objectives for our country. Non-punctuality, on the other hand, will further make us lethargic and irresponsible both in our office and home affairs. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, September 30.