ISLAMABAD - JUI-F chief Maulan Fazlur-Rahman on Friday said that America is not trustworthy as it might bring resolution in the United Nations against Pakistans nuclear programme or to get Pakistan declared a terrorist country. We should have been prepared to counter such expected resolution and Pakistan should expedite its efforts on diplomatic front, said JUI-F chief Maulana Fazalur-Rahman, addressing a press conference here. He said that Pakistan should also enhance contacts with China and Russia so that some powers should be there to veto any possible US resolution against Pakistan in the UN. Talking about the double standard of US, Fazl said that America on one hand is going for dialogue with Taliban but on the other hand asking Pakistan to launch an operation in North Waziristan. He said that US could intend to play more cards against Pakistan as now it might raise the issue of 'Quetta Shura. He further said that Pakistan has some cards to play in the reconciliation process. The JUI-F chief said that US should take back its allegations leveled against Pakistan otherwise the country would be free to review its policy of cooperation. He was of the view that Afghan Tehrik-e-Talibans stance is soft toward Pakistan. Despite plethora of complaints there is no change in the minds of Afghan Taliban as they are still pro-Pakistan. When asked about the APC, he said that due to wrong previous policies pursued by Pakistan government for the last ten years a horrible picture was portrayed before the nation during the in APC. To a question, he said that implementation on this joint resolution is a test for the government. He also termed the resolution as a last hope for the nation. He said that if the drone attacks were not stopped Pakistan would have to cut the Nato supply line. To a question, he responded that Pakistan Army should accept that the Parliament is the epicenter of policies.