The dengue fever continues to claim more victims. It is alarming to note from private sources claim that 805 new cases were registered during the past 24 hours, which only contradicts official statement that the virus is getting under control. An MPA from Bahawalpur and a Chinese doctor were among the victims who succumbed to the high fever. If members of the health community as well as the provincial government who are supposed to be in the vanguard of the campaign against the disease are themselves not safe, it is easy to imagine the vulnerability of the general masses who do not have that much awareness and medical facilities at their disposal. What is needed is that the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif which is already busy fighting the virus, should pace up the speed of their efforts. The help from Sri Lankan medical community no doubt has its own importance. Our doctors need to work especially on the research side to be fully able to treat the patients suffering from this life threatening fever. More and more dengue camps in the government-run hospitals and additional staff should be assigned to look after the patients. But at the same time, particular attention must be given to destroy or fumigate the dengues breeding grounds. Experts have pointed to environmentally friendly biological control of dengue to root out the menace; their advice deserves to be implemented to prevent the virus from rearing its head again in future.