LAHORE The South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) has announced the holding of the first-ever 'Pakistan IPO Summit which is being organized on 03 October, 2011, at Lahore, under the auspices of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as Lead Patron and in collaboration with all the capital market institutions of the country like KSE, LSE, ISE, CDC and NCCPL. The aim of this summit is to serve as a unique platform to build cooperation between the representatives of the companies that are considering public offerings and the investment/financial services industry, by highlighting the benefits and the pathway to manage a successful initial public offering, thus sharing the benefits with the economy and society at large by gaining access to hitherto untapped sources of financing. The major purpose of the summit is to highlight how our markets can assist the potential IPO companies to meet their objective of raising funds from the general public for their future growth strategy. However another purpose of holding the Summit is to also underscore the point that besides collecting funds from the market, there can be many other reasons for becoming a public listed company such as; raising the corporate profile/creating further brand recognition, unlocking the wealth of the owners, creating loyal investor/consumer base, getting market valuation for the companies, fulfilling the corporate social responsibility of sharing/distributing wealth in the society through giving out of corporate profits and above all, to finance the companies through an Islamic mode etc. Furthermore, we also believe that there is still a further need to sensitize the owners of many family owned companies about their perceived fear that they might lose autonomy if their companies get listed on the stock exchanges. Accordingly, the summit shall also highlight that by becoming a listed company and by adopting good corporate governance practices, such closely held corporations may actually benefit from a broader participation of the general investors and good corporate oversight frameworks.