A US Congressional report has ranked India at the top of countries obsessed with war hysteria. The report reveals that in 2010 alone, the country procured weapons worth $5.8 billion. It is a shame that New Delhi is meanwhile trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the international community that it is a peaceful state. The amassing of weapons to extend its regional hegemony, though, should hardly come as a surprise. Indias arsenal is obviously directed against Pakistan, with which it has fought three major wars and remains on the lookout for finding a pretext to begin hostilities. It is time for Islamabad to realise that Indias unchecked armament is invariably aimed at inflicting harm to Pakistan and strengthen its stranglehold on Kashmir. The signs are that the PPP-led government is either ignorant of this fact or is deliberately playing down the threat to accrue short-term financial benefits through expanding trade relations. Reportedly, India plans to procure weapons worth $100 billion during the next 10 years, which means a hefty $10 billion each year. At the same time, poverty in India is on the rise and the growing population is finding it hard to make ends meet. The world must see the writing on the wall. It is only a dreadful grave of endless misery, war and bloodshed this country is pushing South Asia into.