ABBOTTABAD (INP) - The members of Abbottabad Commission on Friday assured the people living in the neighbourhood of Ladens compound that they would be provided complete security for providing evidences. The four-member Abbottabad Commission led by Justice Javed Iqbal visited the Thanda Choha area of Abbottabad for the second time. During the visit, members of the commission met the witnesses and assured them that they would get complete security for sharing any details. Strict security arrangements were made for the visit of commission. Media was not allowed near the compound. Meanwhile, an intelligence agency official was arrested for attending the Abbottabad Commission meeting without permission. Journalists noticed an intelligence official sitting without permission and pointed out his presence to the commission chairman. Upon inquiring on why he was there, he answered he had come to provide chairs for the attendants. Justice Iqbal then asked the Superintendent Police (SP) to arrest the official. Journalists suspected the intelligence official was there to eavesdrop on what the reporters had to say about the negligence of security officials in their statements. Addressing the meeting, Justice Iqbal said the commissions report would be completed soon and shared with the nation, adding the sovereignty of the country would not be compromised in any case.