OUR STAFF REPORTER NANKANA SAHIB - If any country including America attacks Pakistan, all the minorities would be in front line to fight for their homeland, said Pakistan Sikh Council President Sardar Mustan Singh and Christian leader Pastor Mubarak here while talking to media on Friday. District Bar President Ch Haq Nawaz, Chairman Zulfiqar, Markazi Anjuman Tajran President M Tariq, PML-N leader Haji Rana Khalid Mahmood, transporters representative Afzal Butt, Dar-e-Arqam schools Director Saleem Ahmed, social worker Muhammad Shahbaz were also present on the occasion. They said American threats had made the nation more united as it was ready to fight with the US and its allies like Nato. The participants, while expressing their views, said now government must throw away bagging bowl and get rid off the shackles of slavery of America and foreign aid. They stated that if the government allowed Jihad against America, all the Pakistanis including Sikh, Christian and other minorities would like to die while fighting with America. The minorities leaders further said that after increasing tension between both the countries, all the Pakistanis had become as united as they were at the time of 1965 war. They pointed out that all the minorities would fight along with our Army as we had broken the Soviet Union.