The dark ominous clouds of war are lurking once again upon our horizons. While the battle on the table is going on, some immediate measures must also be taken to frame and formulate a national policy to counter this threat effectively. As such revival of the National Security Council should be the first step in this direction. Many countries of the world including the USA have National Security Council. There must be something good about it that they have a governmental body specifically designed to assist the government in integrating all spheres of national security and decide on policies and measures to maintain it. 'Lovers of the Constitution apprehend that the generals (CJSC and three Cs-O-S and possibly the DG ISI) would outweigh the civilians in the NSC. This is not correct. The NSC would comprise the PM (Chairman), the Defence Minister, the four provincial CMs (6 if GB CM and the AK PM are also added to it). Since the NSC would be a government body working all the year round and meet periodically to update the National Security policies in accordance with the changed and prevalent scenarios, its recommended policies will not only help meet any emergency at any time in a professional and well planned manner but also keep the nation ready and prepared for them. The NSC would not be an executive body but an advisory council. Its recommendations would be ratified by the Parliament and the cabinet before any action is taken upon them. The NSC will not undermine the democratic government in any way but shall be subservient to the parliament. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, September27.