ISLAMABAD Cash-starved PPP-led coalition government has raised the prices of petroleum oil lubricants (POL) products, which will likely to cause more inflation in upcoming days. At the same time economic pundits argued that the government had been increasing the prices of petroleum products while it had not passed on the relief due to reduction of Rs 0.62 in the price of High Speed Diesel Oil (HSD) in international market to the inflation-hit consumers only to collect more revenue and make adjustment of depreciation of the rupee against the dollar. Inflation would badly damage the economic conditions of poor consumers and general public as well through an uncontrolled hike in the prices of daily-use commodities, they added. It has been decided on Friday that price of petrol will go up by Rs 4.15 per litre, sources privy to the development informed, adding, that prices of kerosene oil and light diesel will remain the same. They further informed that the price of petrol has been increased by Rs 4.15 per litre, High Speed Diesel (HSD) Rs 1.51 per litre, High Octane Blended Component (HOBC) Rs 2.72 per litre while prices of Kerosene and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) would remain unchanged. However, an increase of Rs 1.77 in Petroleum Levy (PL) on HSD has barred the overburdened consumers to enjoy the reduction in line with the price of international market. After the issuance of formal notification, the new prices will stand at: petrol Rs 88.95 per litre; HSD Rs 94.14 per litre; HOBC Rs 112.65 per litre while prices of Kerosene oil Rs92.64 per litre and LDO Rs83.52 per litre would remain unchanged. Sources informed that the Finance Ministry was not ready to decrease the ratio of Petroleum Levy (PL), so the already hard-pressed consumers would resultantly bear this increase in the prices of POL products by current month of October.