This is with reference to plight of allottes of E-12 in CDA Islamabad, who even after 22 years still wait for any progress in development work, or handover of plots in E12 by CDA. Will somebody in CDA pay heed to the plight of these allotees, or will they have to seek justice from Supreme Court of Pakistan?. These plots were offered to public in April 1989 in D12/ E12 and name of successful allottees declared in Sept 1989. This was perhaps the only scheme by CDA, which offered plots through balloting to general public, when Benazir Bhutto took over. Allotment letters were issued on 14 Oct 1990 to all those who had paid three installments, while balance final installment was to be paid at time of handing/taking over possession of the plot. Even after a passage of 22 years, those who were declared successful in sector E12 have yet to get the possession, since no development work has taken place, because this scheme was unique, since the majority of beneficiaries were not members of elite bureaucracy. The E12 scheme was known as Mehran sector and had majority of plots ranging in sizes between 356 square yards and 111 square yards. Many have died waiting in vain to get a plot in Islamabad. Numerous schemes of CDA which started many years after this project have been completed, but there seems to be no hope for those whose only fault is that they belong to silent majority, with no political connections, or backing of civil or uniformed bureaucracy of Pakistan. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, September 29.