LAHORE Power shortfall is increasing day by day despite the considerable decrease in the electricity consumption across the country due to the change in weather. The National Grid on Thursday faced the shortfall 5,396 megawatt (MW), according to Pakistan Electric Power Companys power report for last 24 hours. The generation was stated 12,531MW while the total demand was described 17,900MW, according to the PEPCO. On Friday, the sources said that the shortfall further went up and crossed 6,000MW. Eight to 10-hour load shedding is being conducted in the major cities while the small cities and towns are under the grip of 12 to 14 hours shutdown. People of rural areas with average 14-hour load shedding are the major victims of the eight electricity distribution companies (DISCOs). The government, Power Ministry and PEPCOs top management have so far turned no ears in resolving the consumers problem and are not providing fuel and gas to the power producing units of IPPs and GENCOs. Both (IPPs, GENCOs) have been generating the electricity between 5,500MW to 6,000MW since last week. If the government provide at least 60 per cent fuel to IPPs and GENCOs, no matter the shortfall decrease to 2,000MW, said the sources.