CAIRO (AFP) - Protesters on Friday gathered in Cairos Tahrir Square for what was billed as a mass rally to reclaim the revolution amid anger over the military rulers handling of the transition. Thousands flocked to Tahrir Square the epicentre of protests that toppled president Hosni Mubarak in February to demand an end to military trials of civilians, cleansing institutions of former regime remnants, amendment of a recently published electoral law and social justice. The powerful Muslim Brotherhood said on Wednesday it had decided to stay away from the demonstration. Several marches were planned for Friday afternoon from around the city into Tahrir Square, including by political parties and several pro-democracy groups. An AFP reporter estimated the number of protesters in the mid-afternoon at around 3,000. Preacher Mazhar Shaheen, delivering the Friday Muslim prayer sermon, vowed to protect the goals of the revolution that toppled Mubarak. He urged Egypts military rulers to activate a law that prevents members of Mubaraks now dissolved National Democratic Party who contributed to the corruption of political life from running for public office. Shaheen also called for a new electoral law stipulating that two thirds of parliament be elected on a list system.