ISLAMABAD - Additional Director General of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Chief Investigator in the NICL scam Friday in his last interim report submitted before the Supreme Court described non-cooperation and hindrances created by Secretary Interior and DG FIA in the way of his investigations as the main reasons for his failure to submit the complete challan of the case. Qureshi has also made more revelations in his 100-page report saying that Director General FIA Syed Tahseen Anwar Shah and Secretary Interior Khawaja Siddique Akbar were helping as well as favouring the accused in the National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) scam instead of insisting him. However, the major players of the PPP-led federal government heaved a sigh of relief the same day as Zafar Ahmed Qureshi an upright PSP officer who by not succumbing to any political pressure stood against the corrupt ruling elite while investigating this specific case Friday retired after reaching the age of superannuation. Thus the career of a civil servant came to an end that remained at the centre of many controversies only because of his boldness, honesty, truthfulness and uprightness especially during the last years of his profession. He relinquished the charge of Additional Director General FIA and Managing Director (MD) of National Police Foundation on Friday at 12 am. Sources in FIA said that the Additional Director General held a meeting with his investigation team at 11am before he left his office. In the meeting, he advised his team members to probe the multi-billion-rupee mega corruption NICL scandal without any political pressure and following the rule of law and uprightness, an insider informed. Zafar Ahmed Qureshi in the progress report about the investigations of scam said that the Director General FIA and Secretary Interior in clear violation of the apex court orders remained totally non-cooperative with him during the investigations. These both high officials created hindrances in the way of investigations despite assisting me in the case, Qureshi further stated. The report says that the DG FIA claims, the original report of Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) UK having the details of off-shore banks counts on Moonis Elahi, an accused in the scandal, has gone missing. Qureshi further said that the DG FIA even did not initiate any action against the responsible ones. The Additional Director General had sought this report from Director General repeatedly but it was never provided to him. Zafar Qureshi in his report has stated that Al-tahoor Company (PVT) Limited owned by Moonis Elahi had assets of around Rs 0.5 million in 2007 but interesting the accounts of the company swelled up to Rs 700 million up till 2009 within a span of two years. The report also reveals that Lahore High Court ordered the government to place the names of Habibullah Warriach, an other accused in the scam, and his family members in the Exit Control List (ECL) with the view that they could not leave the country. However, Habibullah Warriach managed to escape the country from Karachi on September 6 of the same year. The FIA ADG further said that Director FIA Punjab, Lahore, Waqar Haider and Assistant Director (Legal) Zulfiqar Ali wrote a fake letter that helped in unfreezing the accounts of Moonis Elahi having around Rs 200 millions. The investigations were initiated against both these officers and both have been found involved in this illegality, the report says. It further says that DG FIA was informed about the involvement of these officers but he never allowed to register a case against them. The NICL case was not the first kind of case that was investigated by Zafar Ahmed Qureshi who always stood like an iron wall in the way of mafias, influentials and corrupts elements during his entire career. He was disassociated from the investigations of the NICL case thrice and also had to face suspension only because of apprehensions of the government that he would not spare any accused that were close to it. Qureshi, belonging to the 9th common batch, who started his professional career from Pakistan army as a commissioned officer in 1973 and later joined police service in 1981 as ASP has also resolved many famous cases on the directions of the apex court. He had investigated the infamous Sonia Naz rape case during 2004-2005 when he was DIG Investigations Punjab. He was made Officer on Special Duty (OSD) for six month for investigating this case fairly and on merit. He also probed the incident of death of an inmate of Central Jail Multan on the orders of the superior courts. Then he also investigated a Special Branch Police Punjab report about an assassination plan of former Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Mohammad Sharif on the directions of Supreme Court of Pakistan.