ISLAMABAD - Pakistans military establishment and the political leadership might have come a long way, from making high-sounding rhetoric to towering resolves, for guarding Pakistans strategic interests with particular reference to the Pak-US relationship, yet the million dollar question still persists as to who would bell the cat? The ending up of a moot on a wishfully high note is just not enough. National unity is not something that is to be merely figured in wordiness. It has to make its presence felt with practicalities. Whether Pakistans government or its establishment that are head-to-toe indebted under the foreign debt or US aid, to be more specific, could really stand up to the US dominant disposition reasons as far lesser an idealistic argument than the one that drew a line at All Parties Conference on Thursday. You and me are not in a position to assume what could be the APC outcome. We have no knowledge of such affairs. Only the rulers can tell what they have decided about our fate, not you or me. You better ask Yousuf Raza Gilani or Nawaz Sharif about it. I cant say anything, said the veteran nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in a conversation with this newspaper. Former Foreign Secretary Tanvir Ahmad Khan said the APC resolution lacked any authentic substance. Its too much generalised for foreign policy re-orientation. There is deliberate avoidance to specifications. The resolution talks about making peace with people of tribal area. Who are those people? TTP? Molvi Nazir? His accomplices? Who? he asked. Referring to the proposed committee formation as per APC recommendations, Khan pointed at the absence of any mechanism for policy formulation to this effect, Theres no mechanism. There were too many voices, too many opinions, too many suggestions but at the end of the day, they produced lowest common denominator that lacks cohesion, clarity and guidelines. Every conflict is resolved with dialogue. We all agree on this. But one has to go about it in an organised way with a realistic and timely approach, the former foreign secretary told TheNation. Former head of Intelligence Bureau (IB) Brigadier (retd) Imtiaz appreciated the governments initiative to hold an event for developing national consensus. It was necessary to convey this kind of message, he said. Imtiaz, however, regretted that Baloch leaders did not participate in the moot. This is the visible weakness I saw in this event. Secondly, the APC asks for implementation of previous parliamentary resolutions on drone attacks, Nato land routes in Pakistan and related provisions. I dont think implementing such resolutions is possible. We all want redefining foreign policy but Im not very optimistic if its doable. Would the religious and political parties give politicking free hand support to the government to implement APC resolution? The US policy is bullet, ours is dialogue. How would both these approaches be converged? he asked. The former IB chief who also served for over a decade in ISI pointed at the absence of policy guidelines in APC resolution on domestic unrest created by internal elements. He argued that Admiral (retd) Mike Mullens statement gave Afghan President Hamid Karzai a chance to blame Pakistan for Burhanuddin Rabbanis murder, and put the Trilateral Peace Commission to stalemate. Whether this APC resolution considers these ground realities and could devise an applicable solution, Im not quite positive about it. Former senior diplomat Ambassador Rustam Shah Mohmand believed that the fate of the APC recommendations compiled in the form of a resolution would be no different that of a joint parliamentary resolution that was passed in 2008 against drone-hits and in favour of upholding Pakistans 'sovereignty. This is a weak government with weak politicians that make weak policies. They have no understanding of ground realities. These people are extremely ignorant and negligent, to say the least. Why cant they simply tell US to attack Haqqani Network with drone-hits and stop putting pressure on Pakistan? These people make resolutions for cheaper publicity. Their words, statements and actions are hollow. They are rotten to the core, Shah deplored.