A pre-poll survey conducted by the International Republican Institute show PML-N ahead of rest of the political parties including the PTI, a straw in the wind that bears out the party’s growing popularity. According to the findings, PTI’s popularity is down by 22 percent, while that of PML-N is up by 3.7 percent; 28 percent agreed to vote for the PML-N, compared to 24 percent in favour of the PTI.

A fact notable is that this time round the PML-N leadership has been canvassing vigorously in different parts of the country. The impression hence is it could be trusted not just in Punjab but all over the country. There would also be the factor of the development projects initiated within the province that are thought essential to taking the country on the path of economic success. It is therefore no wonder that the polls are showing the PML-N moving ahead of the PTI. But as it is, a lot also depends on how parties carry on with their internal politics without letting ego obstruct the process of growth. And about time for the PML-N to win over disaffected members, to make the party stronger and expand its vote bank. When it comes to pulling the country out of multiple challenges, personal likes and dislikes will have to be cast aside.