Nawaz Sharif does not seem bothered by the public’s displeasure at receiving such inflated bills in August 2014. In the preliminary investigation by one of the advisors to the Prime Minister, probing at random, it was found that 35 percent of the consumers had been billed without any physical meter reading, in as many as 150,000 bills. Around two years ago, I was fleeced in a similar manner for five months. The meter reading on the bill was far beyond what the real reading was on the meter.

NEPRA, the regulator of this process, informed me that the exploits of a mad dog in my area (an actual mad dog) had scared the linemen and because of this, the meter reading could not be taken. I have never seen in my area this dog in my area, nor has any by postman, delivery man, gas meter reader, phone lineman or vendors in the area. Is this some magical dog that only manifests itself to those that come to check electricity meters? I wonder who comes up with these stories at NEPRA.


Karachi, September 25.