Among the formidable adversaries of the Pakistan movement was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a veteran Indian nationalist and a celebrated religious scholar who set against the breakup of a United India, based on the notion of “sacred-profane land”. Maulana Azad artfully portrayed a clear picture, ahead of the birth of Pakistan, of the repercussions, consequences and obviously the perpetual crises it was going to be encumbered with, and warned the Muslim League leaders of the newly built state being confronted with never-ending civil war and political turmoil shortly after its emergence.

Maulana Azad’s concern for the Muslims of Pakistan has proved itself to be true, and his prediction and the profound insight into the fate of Pakistan exactly corresponds to the plight of today’s Pakistan. Azad’s views and analysis, as documented were that there would be an unceasing exigency Pakistan would be thrown into, by the self-serving politicians, holds water, preponderantly his prophecies that the incompetent leadership would pave the way for the military coup d’état; class war would engulf the region leading to the gross exploitation of the poor classes; internal unrest and regional conflicts coupled with the monopoly of the capital held, and the loot of national wealth by a certain class, would plague the nation, and the East Wing would break away.

Pakistan eventually came into being, but it is now the turn of our politicians to translate those ideals, which served as a milestone in the Pakistan movement and the independent sovereign state was carved out for, into actions. It is for the ruling class, be they law-making or law-executing or the judiciary to play their due role, and cognize their onus to demonstrate that Pakistan stands where it was destined to, by our forefathers, hence confuting and negating the predictions of Maulana Azad.


Islamabad, September 28.