Sacrificial animals gain profound significance at the advent of sacred month ‘Zilhaj’ to follow the ‘Sunnah ‘ of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) on Eidul Azha. Out of millions of animals, a few succeed in attracting special attention of the people with their specific features.

Likewise, adorned with beads, bells, colourful ropes and garlands in befitting manner, having the weight of about 43 maunds, a giant size bull nicknamed ‘Cheetah’ has become centre of the visitors’ attention in the area.

Tahir Naeem Kahlon, a farmer of Chak 118/M Chishtian, after earnest endeavour and guidance of qualified vet doctor Faryad got succeeded in getting a beautiful ‘calf’ by the cross-breed of Australian bull with a cow.

It was named as ‘Cheetah’ due to its complexion and enormous power. The eye-catching golden striped ‘Cheetah’ whose demanded price is Rs4 million, has been brought up in utmost comforts. Naeem provided remarkable comforts to the ‘Cheetah’ which is fed by 10kg milk, 6 kg cake oil, seasonal fruit like banana, apple, grapes etc, mashed loaf soaked in 0.5 kg Desi Ghee daily as directed by the doctor.

“It is given bath with branded shampoo and after that it is massaged with mustard oil. Four servants are engaged to look after it while an armed guard is deployed for its security,” he said. He added that it was 5 years-and five months old. He said that the people across the province contacted him and asked about its ‘unique cross breed’.

With Eidul Azha fast approaching, his family members extend their great affection to ‘Cheetah’. It has become a source of amusement for them and they take it to streets of the village. Everyone in the area is the admirer of its beauty.