Nawaz Sharif’ visit to America to address UN General Assembly, has raised many questions regarding the extravagance of his trip. Normally people look at the outcome of such visits, but this time people have pointed out his style of travelling and that it is beyond the means of a poor nation like Pakistan, after all he is representing us. It is said that the PM of a debt ridden country travelled in a special luxury plane, hired from a gulf state, while at New York he and all his companions are staying at the most expansive hotel; where one room costs US $ 8000 per day. Perhaps our government booked a complete floor of this hotel, seeing as our PM needs security in New York. The public wants the government to clarify people’s concerns and answer following questions:-

Did he travel in normal PIA flight or a chartered luxury plane from a gulf state? Who travelled with him ? Did his servants and cooks also travel, to prepare his special food for him? Where did he and his entourage stayed in New York? What was the mode of transport provided to him and his troupe, during the stay in America and at what rate? How much total expenditure was incurred on his trip including shopping and what did Pakistan gain from this trip? Considering that the Indian PM stayed at his friend’s house, saving his country millions of dollars.


Lahore, September 26.