ISLAMABAD: Dr Shireen Mazari , MNA and spokesperson to Chairman PTI, on Thursday said once again the PM has reneged on his commitment to the nation of exposing India's role in aiding and abetting terrorism in Pakistan.

She said he did not have the courage to even use the word "India" and "terrorism" when referring to "our immediate neighbour refrain from fomenting instability in Pakistan"!

Mazari said there is a clear difference in the word "instability" and "terrorism".

Mazari also said the four point proposal termed "new peace initiative" that the PM presented is nothing new - merely a rehash of earlier proposals.

She said once again the PM has betrayed the people of Pakistan and not stated our national narrative before the international community on the critical strategic issue of India's involvement in terrorism in Pakistan.

The Pakistani people were expecting the PM to live up to his commitment made repeatedly to the nation that he would raise the issue of India's involvement in terrorism in Pakistan.

Sadly, all they got instead was pussy footing around this crucial issue and a rehash of old peace proposals already rejected by India.

Clearly, Mazari asserted, the PMLN govt and the PM seem incapable of asserting Pakistan's legitimate narrative on India and terrorism  at the global and bilateral levels.

The govt has no clear India policy and continues to follow a reactive policy with India.