Health is preferred over all other aspects of life. If there is life, there is the world, and it is the very thing which revives the universe. Therefore, its provision to the poor and the rich is free of cost in many countries of the world. 

Viz, Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, France, Germany, Greek, Iceland, United Kingdom etc. These countries are also known as, "Universal Health Care" by virtue of their free and equality based providence of health care to every dweller. 

UAE being on the list of top ten richest countries, providing the full free health care services with latest equipment & competent medical physicians. Their health care system embodies anomalous infrastructure with complete facilities. 

Conversely, there is another side of the picture enriched with affliction of diseases. 

Developing countries with lower GDP face inundation of challenges while overwhelming even many curable diseases. Every year approximately 8 million children pop off because of preventable diseases. 

Whist Pakistan, a nuclear state, with 283.7 billion USD GDP, by and large, and, 1.468.19 USD per capita, with abundant oil & gas reservoirs, which make Pakistan stand 8th on the list of top ten countries by Shell oil reserves which are 9.1 billion barrels. 

Despite all this, Pakistan is having the stigma of a developing country and fails to make the provision of rudimentary health facilities certain to its denizens. Pakistan stands 149th amongst 188 countries in the global assessment countries by United Nation. 

In Pakistan, there is a sheer lack of doctors and hospitals, if there are government hospitals, they are not going to heal the patients but will get them to catch demise. Lacking oxygen cylinders, heart & coronary care units are deficient to provide SK (streptokinase) injection to the victim of heart attack which is very necessary to first aid the victim. If any snake bite victim gets admitted there, he will shut his eyes before the pretences of doctors of not having anti-snake vile. 

The hospitals in the rural parts of the country are in the dire search of burn wards or burn care facility where burnt people could be treated properly and precisely, because there are boundless burn causalities which are never recorded and the victim could not embrace life and succumbed to the wounds just on account of not having burn wards in the hospitals. 

Neither cleaning, nor sanitation, nor doctors present on time, even the patients cannot have access to any medicine in the government hospitals. 

Heath care conditions are very worst in Pakistan, more than 13 million people are down with hep-A and hep-B. The hospitals of interior Sindh have the want of cancer departments. 

On the other hand, we have private hospitals at every nook and corner but for getting into them, one's pockets and bank balance must be more than enough. The doctors in private hospitals are often incompetent than that of government. The private hospitals in Pakistan reflect butcher’s shop. 

The mortality rate in Pakistan varies; some are witnessed while maternity owing to inadequate number of maternal and health care units. Mortality in Pakistan ranges from small and common ailments to drastic ones. The former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, distributed health cards with an eye to allocating 50,000 to one who is caught by common diseases and 300,000 to those down with chronic diseases. This facility seems to be a day late and a dollar short. However, it bids ease one’s pains to a limited degree but it cannot tackle the issues which have laid siege to the country’s health care. 

But, at the meantime, there are still some doctors or I should like to entitle them as real “messiah” for the suffering people of Pakistan, therefore, all cannot be equally alleged of shirking their jobs as we cannot paint all the walls with the same brush. 

The government should move a harsh policy to deal government doctors with heavy hands and it ought to put prohibition on government doctors from doing private practice or running any private clinic. In case, if they breach the agreement, they must be dispelled from their jobs with the 3 year inhibition from services in any other institution. Health must be granted its due preferences as life prevails over all other living perspectives. The provision of basic, solid and sound health to every being of the society within the circumscription of due time is essential. Because health never bears any delay. Many people kiss the demise owing to the delayed course of treatment, or because they do not approach any doctor or hospital nearby them. There are bundles of diseases, strokes and poisonous bites of snakes, insects etc, in which prompt and instant supply of medication is very substantial to save a life. Government must join one another’s heads and table the issue to address it at dire and hire bases and on full-scale solution. As, limited and inadequate steps will not suffice to overpower the problem but it would only come abreast of salt. 


Mirpurkhas, September 23.