We the people of such Goths (small villages ) of Karachi are being neglected by the civic concerned authorities like district chairman , voice chairman, counselors and other elected people. Basically the elected persons are incompetent. They do not have such awareness and consciousness regarding their post and position then how they can be responsible to deliver what the masses needed to be delivered by them?

Sir I live in a Goth where the elected people are from PPP but they all are rustic, incompetent and required to be disqualify from their seats. This is their third year still a piece of their works is not showed. They don’t have any upstage on such problems as electricity, roads, water, sewerage pipeline and etc. They seem like they have nothing to do with the people of villages.

The villagers should protest against their irresponsibility or forbid to cast vote for such people who will become arrogant and wont do a single thing for villagers.


Kohi Goth, September 22.