While the history of American culture has always been known for its freedom of speech and religion and the Hollywood cinema has always portrayed us all as a fantasised American world of perfection, the reality of living in the United States of America is very different.

This was the country where years ago a black man had to vacate a seat to let a white American settle in a public transport. Although, this exactly does not happen in today’s America because of the improved laws and mainly after the American Revolution, however, the hatred and unconscious biases still have been carried along as a legacy.

Going back to the history, America was originally the land of the Red Indians before it was captured and discovered by the British who ruled the land and lived in their thirteen formed colonies which were called British America. This was the same time when the black Americans were brought to North America. Slavery was practiced all over in America. The blacks were used for economic foundation as low cost labourers in the fields mainly for cotton and tobacco. After the British lost the American Revolution war, the independence was declared and it became the United States of America. Those thirteen colonies became the fifty states of today and the thirteen stripes on the American flag representing the original number of British colonies. The British America became the United States of America and the freedom was gotten, yet there was slavery practiced throughout the country: the gained freedom was only for American whites from the British whites.

On July 4, 1776, the Great America was founded and the Independence Day is celebrated since then. But does that mean America was freed? Let’s revisit the meaning of freedom? The word literally means the power or a right to act, speak and think in a way one wants. But was everyone living in that land free when United States of America was founded? Unfortunately not. It was not until the 19th of June 1865, also known as Juneteenth, when the American blacks were officially freed. So how come Americans have been celebrating freedom on the 4th of July? Is it the Independence Day for only white Americans? The other population is still the slaves?

One of the most respected American presidents, Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation took effect on 1st January, 1863 but it took almost a year and half before it was officially declared that black Americans were free. Folklore shared that the slaves were intentionally kept ignorant about their freedom so that the crops could continue being harvested. Also many messengers were killed who tried to spread the word and some who survived took almost two years to break the news from Washington DC to Texas. Since then, in many states Juneteenth is celebrated as an official holiday.

Soon by the end of 19th century, many Mexicans war refugees and political exiles migrated to escape themselves from violence and moved to United States . By 1920, the number of immigrants rose and the Mexicans started moving to America mainly for improved living standard and labor rates. Since there was a need of labourers at the time in the agriculture and mining industry, the Americans really did not mind those immigrants. Some policymakers and press did show concerns about the immigrants and their effects to the American culture. Mexicans were always seen with their positives qualities such as better labour immigrants as compared to other immigrants until recently. This was a major reason why Mexico was exempted from the quotas in the Immigration Act of 1924.

It was the same time when a lot of people started migrating from eastern and southern Europe as well as from Asia. Many researchers debated on the supposed differences in immigrants and whether that posed a threat to the US society and culture. This was when the major assimilation of those cultures happened and people from different background adopted American culture at the same time being socially segregated to keep their original cultures.

Now living in today's America is very different than living in the days of its black slavery or prior immigration days. There are many struggles for locals from different background and the native Americans. While the laws support the freedom of speech and religion, yet there is a long way to go for those laws to be not ambiguous and implemented with clarity. There is a sense of security in the original Americans that they are in majority and are not allowed to be offended by others. They presume everyone is allowed to be transgressed but them.

On the other side the American communities are much divided. All the American Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and Europeans are grouped in their own similarities. All the blacks stand around and abide in their own groups of blacks while the whites do the same. The major minorities such as Mexicans, Asians and Europeans live in their own groups as well. It has become very visible not only on the streets but also at workplaces. Though, the differences are respected by many, yet it can be seen how diversification has turned into an ethnic, racial and social segregation which is frustrating.

I often come across some black Americans in public transport sitting next to the whites confused and anxious. The whites keep that look of pride for making blacks free and the blacks appearing conscious with lower self-esteem, feeling paranoid sitting next to a white. I have even witnessed some aggressive and loud troublesome blacks showing hatred and frustration for finally being free. There is really no equilibrium of kindness and equality between the two races yet they live under same laws with different privileges. The blacks still hold a grudge towards the native whites, at the same time the other ethnic groups face different challenges. Moreover, some Asian parents living in white neighbourhoods get worried when their children are not invited to their white friends’ birthday parties just for being brown and different. This clearly is an act of racism which is not a criminal offence but an ethical offence. Though racial discrimination was banned in the mid 20th century and is socially unacceptable but this is the kind shape it has formed in today's America.

If these social and racial segregations continue, American culture cannot become great unless it learns lesson from the past and look forward for an improved future. Only then can everyone live with equality and without any social division and ethnic representation. Only then the next generations can stop recognising themselves by colour.

Today’s America reminds me of the phrase “We the Americans”, but does this not include all the Americans? Is it limited to the White Americans only? Should it be changed to “We the original Americans?” I never really understood why a famous singer like Michael Jackson changed his skin colour from black to white. But I can only imagine what he must have gone through, leaving a strong symbol for all Americans to understand their cultural issues.

Martin Luther King Jr once said “I have a dream”. That dream clearly did not mean this form of discrimination and social segregation in the United States of America. It has been proven, that his dream is not loved by many natives, especially after knowing the results of the recent elections and who the nation picked.