“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”

–Ernest Hemingway

Before you make an assumption about the picture featuring Einstein, exhibiting a rather distressed expression, while sitting in the company of a man who appears to be questioning him, in relation to the quote above and it makes you think this happens to be a therapy session going on, you might want to adhere to google for confirmation.

The picture actually shows Albert Einstein meeting with the president of the United World Federalists, Cord Meyer Junior. Meyer was a CIA operative, who met with the renowned genius entirely to discuss the world politics and why not, who wouldn’t want to know the perspective of the worldwide genius over an issue that concerns and affects all. While this picture remains to be circulating the internet on various social media sites with a similar quote associating it with unhappiness in genius people, in trying to induce a certain hope and creating a false sense of making it seem relatable to most people, so that one might find consolation in this and attribute their happiness for a case of genius, it remains a misinformed therapy session. It is highly believed that depression and unhappiness remain high in occurrence among genius individuals, however it is highly unlikely for it to be the case for everyone but either way Einstein’s undeniably gloomy expression clearly depicts what discussing politics makes him feel like- and if politics had a face Albert pretty much sums it up.