Al-Qasim son of Imam Al-Hasan son of Ali Ibn Abu Talib, nephew of Imam Al-Husain was a 12 year old lad. He sought audience with the Imam in order to inquire whether his name was on the list of martyrs "yours name", answered Al-Husain, "is also included in the list of martyrs. You will be killed, and so will my suckling baby Ali Al-Asghar. After a short while, the Imam continued saying, "I, too, will be killed, but Allah will continue my lineage. He would the cruel oppressors succeed in putting an end to his (Ali Zain Al-Abdin's) life when eight Imams are to be born as his offspring?"

In a tent sat Umm Kulthum, sister of Al-Abbas, watching her brother polishing his weapons. She wore a woe-begone face, and tears kept trickling down her cheeks suddenly Al-Abbas happened to look up, seeing her tears, he inquired, "honoured sister, why are you weeping?" "How could I help doing so," she replied, adding, "since I am an unlucky childless woman? Tomorrow, all the ladies will offer the lives of their sons for the Imam, whom shall I offer, having no son of my own?" Tears trickling down his cheeks, Al-Abbas said, "sister! From now on, I am your slave, and tomorrow you offer me, your slave as a sacrifice for the Imam."

Who else, dear reader, would call himself a slave of his sister besides Al-Abbas? Such are the Ahl Al-Bayt, and such are their manners.


The historical battle culminated on Friday, the tenth of Muharram, 61 AH, Oct. 13, 680 AD, a day known in Islamic history as Ashura. Imam Al-Husain delivered two sermons to the misled souls that surrounded him from all directions, trying to bring them back to their senses, but it was to no avail. The dumb and stone-hearted rogues were not affected by Al-Husain's eloquent sermons.

He asked them, "Am I not your prophet's grandson? Am I not the son of the commander of the faithful, cousin of the Prophet and the first male to believe in the divine message of Ullah? Is not Hamzah, the head of the martyrs, my fathers' uncle? Is not the martyr Jafer Al-Tayyar my uncle?

Did the Prophet not reach your ears with words spoken in reference to me and to my elder brother (Al-Hasan, saying, "These Al-Hasan and Al-Husain are the masters the youths of paradise?"

The renown historian Al-Tabari and all other historians unanimously record that when Al-Husain proceeded so far in his sermon, the audience was moved against their wish, so much so that tears began to flow from the eyes of friends and foes alike. It was only Al-Hurr , however, who was truly moved to the extent of stirring to action. Slowly did he walk as he kept saying, "Allah! I turn to you in repentance from the depth of my heart, so do forgive me and forgive my sinful misconduct toward the Prophets' beloved Ahl Al-Bayt/"

Husain's serve red head

Yazid ordered Al-Husains head to be brought to him. He put it in a gold wash bowl. The women were behind him. Sukayna and Fatima stood and tried anxiously to steal a look at it as Yazid kept hiding it from them. When they did see it, they burst in tears. He then permitted people to enter to see him. Yazid took a rod and kept hitting Al-Husains lips with it saying, "A day for a day. This day is (in revenge) for Badr." Then he cited these verses by Al-Haseen Iben Al-Hamam.

To be fair to us our folks never did dare, so swords dripping with blood were to them fair

Abu Barzah Al-Aslami said, "I bear witness that I saw the Prophet kissing his lips and those of his brother Al-Hasan and say to them, you are the masters of the youths paradise, may Ullah fight whoever fights you, may he curse him and prepare hell for him, and what an evil refuge it is! Yazid became angry and ordered him to be dragged out of his courtroom.