We as nation are extremely ambitious, but unfortunately that energy and zeal is not backed by action. We just want everything without doing anything. Our leaders past and current, except a few, led luxurious lives, importing costly vehicles, constructing palatial buildings with borrowed money.

The leader of the last govt constructed costly monumental projects to satiate their desire for glory. We have been doing this all along while the country was gradually drowning in debt. The last two governments seemed in a race to borrowing leading to all-time high debts, both internal and external. For example, recent revelation by the finance minister that the previous government borrowed RS 1200 billion from commercial banks in one year is appalling. The new govt assumed charge in such dire circumstances that it finds itself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. We have debts touching skies and one of the worst tax to GDP ratios in the world meaning we want everything without doing our part.

We want to have the cake and eat it too. Rather we are eating the cake that was or is not there for us. The new government has decided to take tough decisions with regard to taxes, inflation, and adopting frugal way of life. However, it seems that the opposition just wants everything to fail so that they can say “we told you so.” The general public however understands and appreciates the efforts of the newly formed government. It is now their responsibility to carry out the monumental task of bringing the economy on track and stick to their mission at any cost.

If they also turn out to be those who want to use these catchy terms to hoodwink people and not take the tough decisions, I am afraid we will be on the fast track to doom. We have heard time and again the slogans by our politicians that we will eat grass but not compromise on national integrity. Well, this is the time to put the money where their mouth is. No lender be it IMF or others, gives money for nothing.


Islamabad, September 21.