The agriculture of Pakistan is more essential rather than the other fruitless activities. Since the people have the passion of destroying the natural creatures and burning forests. As a result, they cut into the wooden small pieces and go for selling them. Yet no one raised objection over this serious issue and never give the interpretation of trees likewise which absorb the CO2 and released oxygen by which our survival is possible. Specifically, the disease by which presently public is suffering being is heart attack.  

Recently  the percentage of this disease reached above than 45 and the people who caused death  by heart attack, their number is 20 only in Turbat means due to lack of oxygen. In order to new Prime Minister Imran Khan should and must give a small intershoch to the agricultural department to bring improvement in the regard of planting Turbat district. Finally,  I expect this from the newly selected PM of Balochistan to accept my humble request and take action over such  dangerous issues in small cities and come to visit here for observing the situations too. 

Muna Manzoor,  

Turbat, September 28.