Most of people in Balochistan addicted of drugs, and now self suicides cases are being done in Balochiatan. Newly, a Balochi famous singer did suicide because of drugs. Through drugs users, two big and dangerous diseases take birth, aids and hepatitis. Mostly both diseases produce by the using of injections, and drugs users do injecting themselves and they get both diseases, and they set near normal people then both diseases will be separated. Youths of nations are being addicted because of some bad society, where drugs users are openly using drugs, the sellers of drugs give braves to the users to make youths addicted of it, they do this because of getting more buyer of drugs.  

Actually, unemployment makes educated people compel to use drugs, when they get no jobs, then their tensions will suggest them to have drugs. Hence, government has to stop drugs for being separated in Balochistan. 

Adnan Maqsood, 

Turbat, September 28.